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Your Benefit
"You can't manage what you don't measure."
Peter Drucker

Your Benefit

Our team has successfully supervised more than 400 projects in top companies of varying sizes and valuated more than 250.000 intellectual property rights families worldwide.
We transfer the latest knowledge from science and research into practical solutions and cooperate closely with experts such as the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) on the development of standards (DIN 77100), (PAS 1070).

We have a comprehensive network of renowned cooperation partners.

Prof. Dr. Wurzer trains at CEIPI at the University of Strasbourg the IP managers of tomorrow for business and institutions such as Philips, SAP, Sanofi, Total and the European Patent Office (MIPLM) and we have built a solid Europe-wide reputation as advisers and experts.

  • We turn rights into assets! - into economic values – we find your values!
  • We realize the intangible growth drivers.
  • We capitalize those values – through financing, exploitation, transaction, structuring – with our partners we can implement everything which is necessary worldwide.
  • We optimize the economic effect of intangibles - patents or brands which are not used are only cost factors - so we increase the use (premium prizes, competitive advantages, financing, licensing).

How we do this?

It is proven that companies using our active IP management are more successful. They have:

  • improved returns on sales,
  • higher market shares,
  • lower process and portfolio costs and
  • are more innovative.

Risk management
Quality assurance /

Business model

Support of the
corporate strategy
Leaner processes
Corporate structuring

Greater cost flexibility
Cost reduction
Earnings /
profit control
Liquidity generation
Value generation
Balance sheet optimization
Valuation of Patents
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DIN Standard 77100:2011-05
Patent Valuation
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Handbook of Patent Valuation
Carl Heymanns Verlag
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Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights
Carl Heymanns Verlag
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Edited Volume

Carl Heymanns Verlag
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CEIPI Summer School
29. June - 07. July 2017
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